1LYX-330 Massey Ferguson Round Tube Disc Plough


The 1LYX-330 Massey Ferguson Round Tube Disc Plough is a highly productive Farm powered by diesel. This new machine comes with a 12-month warranty and is designed for ploughing. It weighs 405 kg and measures 1860mm x 1150mm x 1000mm. The disc plough has key selling points, such as high productivity, and it's an ordinary product with a machinery test report provided upon purchase. The warranty of its core components, which includes the bearing, lasts for six months. This disc plough is applicable in farms, and it boasts a working depth of 300mm, a working width of 900mm, and a customizable color. The model number for this product is 1LYX-330, and it's designed for ploughing soil with a power range from 50-75hp. Its function is ploughing farmland and it's linked through a TEPee-point suspension. The disc plough is packaged in an iron case and shipped from Qingdao, China.

The 1LYX-330 Massey Ferguson Round Tube Disc Plough is a versatile and efficient machine designed for high performance and durability. With its durable bearing as a core component, it guarantees reliability and longevity. Its ability to operate at a working depth of 300mm and width of 900mm offers versatility for different farming needs. The disc plough is also customizable in color, allowing it to match the aesthetic preferences of the user. As a high-productivity farm cultivator, it's perfect for ploughing soil and farmland. The machine is designed to work with a power range of 50-75hp, making it a suitable tool for a variety of tractors. In terms of maintenance, regular checks on the machine's core components, particularly the bearing, should be conducted to ensure optimal performance. Replacement parts are readily available and come with a six-month warranty, ensuring users of continuous, hassle-free farming operations.

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  1. What is the warranty period for the 1LYX-330 Massey Ferguson Round Tube Disc Plough?
    The 1LYX-330 Massey Ferguson Round Tube Disc Plough comes with a 12-month warranty for the machine, and a six-month warranty for its core components.
  2. What is the working depth and width of the disc plough?
    The disc plough operates at a working depth of 300mm and a working width of 900mm.
  3. How is the disc plough powered?
    The disc plough is powered by diesel and works within a power range of 50-75hp.