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The Disc Plough is a machine type made for high productivity. With its Diesel power type, it is a farm designed for ploughing. It is new, with a 12 month warranty and weighs 470 KG. The dimensions are 2050mmx1350mmx1000mm. The key selling points of this machine are its high productivity and its ordinary product marketing type. The machinery test report is provided, along with a video outgoing-inspection. The warranty of core components is 6 months, and the core components include bearing. This machine is applicable in farms, with no showroom location. The working depth is 250-300mm, and the working width is 900mm. The color can be customized, and the model is 1LY-3. It uses 50-75hp power, and the function is for ploughing farmland. The linkage is a TEPee-point Suspension, and the packaging includes packaging. The packaging details are an Iron case, with Qingdao, China as the port.

The Disc Plough is a revolutionary machine that is designed to increase productivity in the farming industry. Its diesel engine ensures reliable and powerful performance, while its 250-300mm working depth and 900mm working width allow for efficient ploughing of farmland. One of its key features is the TEPee-point Suspension which ensures stability and smooth operation, even in challenging field conditions. The Disc Plough is user-friendly, with its color customization option, allowing users to choose a color that suits their preferences. With its 470KG weight and compact dimensions, it is easy to maneuver and transport. From installation to maintenance and replacement of parts, everything has been made convenient for the user. Its 12-month warranty and the availability of a detailed machinery test report give users peace of mind regarding its quality and durability.

At Shaoxing Pengxin, we take pride in providing high-quality farming solutions. Our Disc Plough is a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. We encourage you to explore the features and benefits of our Disc Plough. We guarantee it will revolutionize the way you farm, increasing your yield and reducing your labour costs. So, why wait? Experience the difference with our Disc Plough. Make the smart choice and invest in a tool that is designed to last and perform. Contact us today and let us help you take your farming to the next level.


Q: What is the power requirement of the Disc Plough?

A: The Disc Plough operates on 50-75hp power.

Q: How deep and wide can the Disc Plough work?

A: The working depth is 250-300mm, and the working width is 900mm.

Q: What is the warranty period of the Disc Plough?

A: The Disc Plough comes with a 12-month warranty.