28”*8mm 65mn steel material plough disc blades



Offering a new, high-quality agricultural equipment – 28”*8mm 65mn steel material plough disc blades. This product is in prime condition with a warranty of 6 months. Perfectly applicable for farms, the blades weigh 27 KG. No showroom is needed as video outgoing-inspection and machinery test reports are provided to ensure quality. This ordinary product is of the Blade type and is best used for disc harrow. The model is Plough Disc blade from the Shaoxing Pengxin brand and can be shipped from ports in Qingdao, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Initial payment is 30% TT. The hardness level is 38-44HRC and it comes in its original color. The keyword to note is disc harrow blade. The minimum order quantity is 1 piece and it arrives in an iron case. The blade has the advantage of 65Mn spring steel/Boron steel.

The 65Mn Steel Material Plough Disc Blades are designed for efficient farming. Made from high-quality 65Mn spring steel/Boron steel, these blades offer superior durability and performance. The size is 11”(280mm)*4mm, offering an excellent balance between size and strength. The hardness level of 38-44HRC ensures that the blades can withstand tough conditions without losing their edge. These blades are perfect for use with a disc harrow, a tool used to till the soil where crops are to be planted. It is also used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. The blades can be easily replaced when needed, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum productivity on your farm.

Shaoxing Pengxin is a company that prides itself on offering high-quality agricultural equipment. We understand the importance of reliable, durable and efficient tools for a successful farming operation. That’s why we recommend our 65Mn Steel Material Plough Disc Blades. Whether you’re a small family farm or a large agricultural enterprise, you’ll find that these blades can significantly improve your farming efficiency. Don’t just take our word for it, explore the product for yourself and experience the difference. You can order with just a 30% down payment and we’ll deliver it to you in an iron case for maximum protection. Act now and upgrade your agricultural equipment with the 65Mn Steel Material Plough Disc Blades from Shaoxing Pengxin.


  1. What is the hardness level of the 65Mn Steel Material Plough Disc Blades?
    The hardness level of the blades is 38-44HRC, which ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. What are the payment terms for purchasing the 65Mn Steel Material Plough Disc Blades?
    The initial payment term is 30% TT.
  3. What is the minimum order quantity for the 65Mn Steel Material Plough Disc Blades?
    The minimum order quantity is 1 piece.