Agricultural disc plough for tractor use


The Agricultural disc plough is a robust and reliable farming implement designed for tractor use, offering a one-year warranty. Applicable to various industries, this disc plough bears a weight of 490 KG. Though it lacks an in-person showroom location, it provides a video outgoing-inspection and a machinery test report for assurance. It is a new product for 2023, featuring a one-year warranty for core components, with the bearing as its primary element. The disc plough is created to loosen land and offers high productivity as its key selling point. It is a brand-new product, packaged 50 pieces per pallet for easy handling and transportation.

This innovative disc plough is perfect for high productivity in the agricultural sector. It is designed to loosen land, making it ideal for improving soil structure and promoting optimal crop growth. Its core component, the bearing, is robust and durable, ensuring the machine’s longevity and efficiency. Weighing 490 KG, this disc plough is sturdy enough to withstand harsh farming conditions. With the video outgoing-inspection provided, potential buyers can see the disc plough in action and appreciate its effectiveness. The machinery test report offers an additional layer of trust, demonstrating the product’s quality and reliability. When choosing this disc plough, maintenance is straightforward, thanks to its one-year warranty on core components. Furthermore, the disc plough is easy to replace, ensuring the tractor’s continuous and uninterrupted use.

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  1. What warranty does the Agricultural disc plough offer?
    The Agricultural disc plough offers a one-year warranty, providing a guarantee on its quality and reliability.
  2. What is the weight of the Agricultural disc plough?
    The Agricultural disc plough weighs 490 KG, ensuring its stability and robustness during use.
  3. What is the main component of the Agricultural disc plough?
    The main component of the Agricultural disc plough is the bearing, which plays a crucial role in the machine’s operation and durability.