Agricultural Disc Plow/Disc Plough Price/Farm Plough


Introducing a state-of-the-art : the Agricultural Disc Plow/Disc Plough. This machine is a disc plough, powered by diesel, and is a type of farm . It is brand new, with a one-year warranty and is used for plowing land. Weighing 180 KG and measuring 1795*795*1150mm, this tool is designed for high productivity. It is a new product of 2020 and comes with a provided machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection. The warranty covers core components like bearing and plough . It is suitable for use in farms, and although there is no showroom location, we can assure you of its quality and efficiency. The product is named Yucheng Hongri Supply Agricultural Plow Disc, model 1LYQ-320, with working width and depth of 600mm and 15-20cm respectively. It has 3 plow disc blades, each 20” (510mm) in diameter. It is used for agricultural plowing hard land and is compatible with 25-50hp power. It uses a tEPee pointed mount with a tractor.

The Agricultural Disc Plow/Disc Plough is a game changer in the field of agriculture. It offers high productivity with its unique features. It is designed to withstand the rigors of hard land plowing with its durable materials and sturdy construction. The disc plough has a 600mm working width and 15-20cm working depth, making it suitable for a variety of farming tasks. The 3 plough disc blades, each measuring 20” (510mm), are designed for efficient plowing. The plough is compatible with 25-50hp power, providing flexibility in terms of tractor matching. The plough is also quite easy to maintain with its one-year warranty covering core components. For product selection, consider your farming needs, tractor horsepower, and land condition. Regular maintenance, proper use, and timely replacement of disc blades will ensure the plough's efficiency and longevity.

Shaoxing Pengxin is proud to offer the Agricultural Disc Plow/Disc Plough, a product that represents our commitment to innovation and quality. We invite you to explore the benefits and advantages of this agricultural machinery. Embrace the future of agriculture with our cutting-edge tools. Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself! We are confident that once you experience the productivity and efficiency of our disc plough, you won't look back. Act now and take the first step towards a more productive and efficient farming operation.


Q: What is the warranty period of the Agricultural Disc Plow/Disc Plough?

A: The warranty period is one year, covering the core components.

Q: What is the power compatibility of the plough?

A: The plough is compatible with 25-50hp power.

Q: What are the core components of the plough?

A: The core components are the bearing and the plough disc blade.