Agricultural Fertilizer Machinery CDR-600 Tractor Spreader


The Agricultural Fertilizer Machinery CDR-600 Tractor spreader is specially designed for farm industries. It features a new 2020 model with a 1-year warranty on the core gearbox component. This high-quality machine boasts a production capacity of 0.79ha/h and a weight of 75 KG. It is highly productive with a spreading width of 6-8m and a capacity of 600L. It can be powered by a 25-40hp tractor and has a three-point mounted linkage. The hopper of this machine is constructed of Q235 steel or plastic. This model is new, and it provides a video outgoing-inspection and a machinery test report. It has a dimension of 1250*1250*1200mm and comes with a 1-year warranty. The CDR-600 model is packaged in an iron case and shipped from a port in QINGDAO.

The CDR-600 Tractor spreader is an innovative agricultural tool designed to streamline the process of spreading fertilizer on farms. With a vast spreading width of 6-8m and a large capacity of 600L, this machine ensures efficient and effective performance. Its high-quality construction, featuring a robust gearbox and a durable hopper made of Q235 steel or plastic, guarantees durability and long-lasting usage. The machine’s high productivity, coupled with its 1-year warranty, makes it a reliable and cost-effective solution for all your fertilizing needs. As for maintenance, it’s always advisable to regularly check the machine’s parts and replace any that show signs of wear and tear. Regularly cleaning the hopper and ensuring the gearbox is well-lubricated will also contribute to the machine’s longevity.

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Q1: What is the warranty period for the CDR-600 Tractor spreader?
A1: The core components of the CDR-600 Tractor spreader come with a 1-year warranty.

Q2: How can I maintain the CDR-600 Tractor spreader?
A2: Regularly check the machine’s parts, replace any that show signs of wear and tear, clean the hopper regularly, and ensure the gearbox is well-lubricated.

Q3: How can I purchase the CDR-600 Tractor spreader?
A3: You can contact Lyna Zhang via WhatsApp at 0086-13083988828 to make your purchase.