Agricultural Machine Disc Plow for Tractor Disc Plough


Introducing the Agricultural Machine Disc Plow for Tractor Disc Plough, a reliable asset for your farming needs, offering a one-year warranty. This product is applicable to various industries and has a weight of 196 KG. Although there is no showroom location, video outgoing-inspection and machinery test reports are provided. The product is a new addition to the 2023 marketing lineup. The core components, which include bearings, also come with a one-year warranty. The disc plough is designed for use with tractors and is brand new. Its key selling point is high productivity. The product is neatly packaged with 50 pieces per pallet.

The Disc Plow is a significant addition to your farm machinery, providing high productivity and efficiency. Its versatility makes it applicable to various industries, not limited to agriculture. With a weight of 196KG, it is built robust and sturdy, ensuring durability and long-term use. The disc plough is designed for use with tractors, providing ease of operation. Despite the absence of a physical showroom, the video outgoing-inspection and machinery test report provide sufficient information about the product’s performance and reliability. Maintenance is hassle-free with the provision of a one-year warranty on core components. When choosing a disc plough, consider factors like the type of soil, size of the land, and the horsepower of your tractor. Regular inspection and timely replacement of the core components, such as bearings, will ensure the machinery’s longevity and optimal performance.

Shaoxing Pengxin offers a range of superior quality agriculture machinery, with the Disc Plow being a notable product. The company has built a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient farm equipment, contributing to high productivity in various industries. We encourage you to explore the Disc Plow, a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. Seize the opportunity to enhance your farming operations by investing in the Disc Plow. Its proven performance and robustness will undoubtedly boost your productivity and provide a high return on investment.


Q1: What is the weight of the Disc Plow?

A1: The Disc Plow weighs 196 KG.

Q2: What is the warranty period for the Disc Plow?

A2: The Disc Plow comes with a one-year warranty.

Q3: What are the core components of the Disc Plow?

A3: The core components of the Disc Plow include bearings.