Brakes 7″-12.25″ inch Trailer Parts for Trailers and RV Parts Hot Sale



Brakes 7″-12.25″ inch Trailer Parts for Trailers and RV Parts Hot Sale

Use: Trailer Parts

Parts: Trailer brake

Max Payload: 12000lbs

Size: 12

Product Name: Brake

Application: Trailer Truck Used

Color: Black

Material: Steel

Type: Welding

MOQ: 100pcs

Certificate: ISO/TS16949

Package: Standard Package

Our 7″-12.25″ inch Trailer Brakes are essential for the safety and functionality of your trailers and RVs. With a maximum payload of 12000lbs, they are made to handle heavy-duty operations. The brake assembly is constructed from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and longevity. These brakes are specifically designed for trailer trucks, available in a standard black color. The welding type is indicative of the sturdy construction of the brakes. We require a minimum order quantity of 100pcs, each brake comes with ISO/TS16949 certification, assuring you of our commitment to quality. Each product is packaged following standard procedures to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

At Shaoxing Pengxin, we are dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line products to meet and exceed your trailer needs. Explore our range of high-quality, durable, and reliable trailer parts, specifically our 7″-12.25″ inch Trailer Brakes. We encourage you to make your purchase today and experience the superior performance and safety that our brakes offer. Let Shaoxing Pengxin be your trusted partner in delivering exceptional trailer parts that boost your operational efficiency and safety.


Q1: What is the maximum payload of your 7″-12.25″ inch Trailer Brakes?

A1: Our 7″-12.25″ inch Trailer Brakes have a maximum payload of 12000lbs.

Q2: What is the material used in the construction of the brakes?

A2: The brakes are constructed from high-quality steel.

Q3: How many pieces are included in the minimum order quantity?

A3: The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.