Discover the 7C-0.5 Farm Dump Trailer for Walking Tractor – Your Ultimate Farming Partner



Introducing the 7C-0.5 farm dump trailer for walking tractors, specifically designed for agricultural transportation. This new and advanced farm dump trailer is perfect for all types of farms, offering high safety levels, and a one-year warranty on core components. It comes with a hydraulic system, a single axle, and customizable color options. The trailer, aptly named “hand trailed”, has a load capacity of 500kg, matched power of 8-15kg, and a manual back tipping unload form. It is lightweight, weighing only 150 KG and features a handy hand brake for easy control. Its carriage size of 1360*860*330mm ensures ample space for your farming needs. Importantly, this product is packaged in a sturdy iron case, ensuring its safe delivery to your doorstep.

Why Choose the 7C-0.5 Farm Dump Trailer?

The 7C-0.5 farm dump trailer is not just a simple farming tool; it is a game-changer in agricultural transportation. Here are five key reasons why this trailer is a must-have for your farm:

1. Transportation and Handling Capacity

With a load capacity of 500kg, this trailer can handle substantial weight, making it ideal for transporting heavy farm produce and equipment. The manual back tipping unload form further facilitates easy and efficient unloading of items.

2. Durability and Reliability

Built with high-quality steel plate walls, the 7C-0.5 trailer is designed to resist shape deformation even under heavy loading, thereby extending its lifespan. It also comes with a one-year warranty, assuring you of its quality and reliability.

3. Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

The trailer’s simple design and quality construction ensure easy maintenance and upkeep. It features a single axle and hand brake, which are easy to manage and repair if necessary.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility

Whether you are using it for agricultural produce transportation or handling of agricultural tools and equipment, this trailer is adaptable to a variety of farm tasks. Its customizable color options allow you to match it with your other farm equipment or your farm’s theme.

5. Economic Efficiency

This trailer is a cost-effective solution for your farming needs. It reduces the need for multiple tools, thereby saving you money while increasing productivity.

Application Scenarios of the 7C-0.5 Trailer

From agricultural product transportation to handling of farming tools and equipment, the 7C-0.5 trailer has a wide range of applications. It is ideal for land management and agricultural work, agricultural waste treatment, and even farm maintenance and construction tasks.

Boost Your Farming Operations with Shaoxing Chaoli

At Shaoxing Chaoli, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective farming solutions. Our 7C-0.5 farm dump trailer for walking tractor is a testament to our commitment to improving farming operations across the globe. We invite you to explore this product and discover its many advantages. Shaoxing Chaoli is your trusted partner in Agricultural Machinery, offering a variety of advanced production and testing equipment, including but not limited to lawn mowers, fertilizer applicators, graders, harvesters, and cultivators. With our customized services, professional approach, and robust after-sales service, we assure you of a satisfactory and rewarding partnership. Boost your farming operations today with Shaoxing Chaoli!


1. What is the load capacity of the 7C-0.5 trailer?
The load capacity of the 7C-0.5 trailer is 500kg.

2. What is the warranty period for the 7C-0.5 trailer?
The 7C-0.5 trailer comes with a one-year warranty on core components.

3. Can the color of the 7C-0.5 trailer be customized?
Yes, the color of the 7C-0.5 trailer can be customized according to your preferences.

4. What is the weight of the 7C-0.5 trailer?
The 7C-0.5 trailer weighs 150 KG.

5. Does the 7C-0.5 trailer come with a brake system?
Yes, the 7C-0.5 trailer is equipped with a hand brake for easy control and management.