Discover the High-Quality 1LS-5 Farm Subsoiler Chisel Plough: The Ultimate Tool for Modern Agriculture



Introducing the 1LS-5 Farm Subsoiler Chisel Plough

Experience the ultimate solution in modern farming with our high-quality 1LS-5 farm chisel plough for sale. This revolutionary agricultural machine is designed for optimum productivity and durability, guaranteed to elevate your farming practices. This subsoiler is brand new, powered by a tractor, and features a one-year warranty. With a weight of 560 KG and dimensions of 2270*1640*1318mm, it is ideal for deep breaking land fields. The subsoiler is made with 45# steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

Distinguished Features and Functions of the 1LS-5 Farm Subsoiler Chisel Plough

Our 1LS-5 farm subsoiler chisel plough stands out for its superior features and functions. Here are five key factors that set it apart:

1. Soil Relaxation: The subsoiler efficiently breaks and loosens the soil, improving soil aeration and root penetration.

2. Deep Fertilization: The subsoiler??s depth of 35-45cm allows for deep fertilization, leading to improved nutrient uptake by crops.

3. Water Use Efficiency: By breaking up compacted soil, the subsoiler enhances water infiltration and retention, reducing water wastage.

4. Weed Control: The subsoiler helps control weeds by burying weed seeds deep below the soil surface where they cannot germinate.

5. Energy Conservation: Powered by a tractor, the subsoiler is energy-efficient, reducing fuel consumption while maximizing productivity.

Exploring the Application Scenarios and Usage of the 1LS-5 Farm Subsoiler Chisel Plough

Beyond the aforementioned benefits, our 1LS-5 farm subsoiler chisel plough also plays a crucial role in various farming scenarios:

1. Soil Protection: By breaking up hardpan and compacted soil, the subsoiler prevents soil erosion and promotes healthier, more sustainable soil structures.

2. Weed Control: As mentioned, the subsoiler is a formidable weapon against weeds, helping to maintain clean, fertile fields.

3. Water Immersion Prevention: The subsoiler??s ability to improve soil structure aids in preventing waterlogged fields.

4. Soil Improvement: The subsoiler promotes improved soil fertility and crop yield by loosening soil and enhancing aeration.

5. Re-cultivation of Soil: The subsoiler is ideal for preparing fields for replanting, ensuring optimal conditions for new crops.

The product is straightforward to use. The process involves preparing the soil, adjusting and operating the subsoiler, and observing the effectiveness of the operation. If necessary, adjustments can be made for subsequent processes.

Why Choose Shaoxing Chaoli?

When it comes to Agricultural Machinery, Shaoxing Chaoli is a trusted name. We are a professional manufacturer of subsoilers, and our 1LS-5 farm subsoiler chisel plough is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. But we don't stop at subsoilers. Our product range also includes lawn mowers, fertilizer applicators, graders, harvesters, cultivators, and boom sprays.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer customized services to our clients. Whatever your farming needs, we can tailor our products to meet them. We also provide a robust after-sales service, ensuring that you have the support you need to get the most out of your purchase. Our team of professionals, backed by our advanced production and testing equipment, is always ready to assist you.


Q1: What is the delivery time for the 1LS-5 farm subsoiler chisel plough?

A1: After confirming the order, the product will be delivered within 30 days.

Q2: What are the payment terms for the 1LS-5 farm subsoiler chisel plough?

A2: As usual, it is 30% deposit after confirming the order and balance 70% after shipment.

Q3: What is the material of the subsoiler leg point?

A3: The subsoiler leg point is made of boron steel and 65Mn steel.

Q4: Can you manufacture according to our drawings or samples?

A4: Yes, we can manufacture according to your drawings or samples.

Q5: What is the warranty time?

A5: We provide a 2-year warranty time for our products.