Farm 3 Blade Disc Plough for Tractor


The Farm 3 blade disc plough is designed for heavy-duty work and is built to last. With a one-year warranty and a weight of 406KG, this farm equipment is perfect for any farm or agricultural business. It also comes with a video-outgoing inspection and a machinery test report for added assurance. This product is a hot product for 2023 and features high productivity as one of its key selling points. The core components, including the bearing, come with a one-year warranty. The disc plough is designed to loosen land, making it ideal for a variety of farming tasks.

The Farm 3 blade disc plough is an innovative product that changes the game in agricultural operations. It is designed with high productivity in mind, reducing the time and energy required for land preparation. The product is expertly engineered with durable materials and robust design, ensuring it can handle the rigors of farming work. The bearing, which is a core component of the disc plough, is built for both efficiency and durability. It??s easy to maintain and replace when necessary, making it a cost-effective choice for farmers. The disc plough is perfect for loosening land, preparing it for planting and other agricultural tasks. When choosing a disc plough, factors to consider include the size of your farm, the type of soil, and the crops you intend to grow. Regular maintenance of the disc plough ensures it remains in peak condition, delivering optimal performance.

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  1. What is the warranty for the Farm 3 blade disc plough?
    The warranty for the Farm 3 blade disc plough is one year.
  2. What is the weight of the Farm 3 blade disc plough?
    The Farm 3 blade disc plough weighs 406 KG.
  3. What are the core components of the Farm 3 blade disc plough?
    The core components of the Farm 3 blade disc plough include the bearing.