Farm Implement Mounted 1LY-225 Heavy Duty Disc Plough


The 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough is a farm implement that is designed for high productivity. This machine type is a disc plough with a power type of diesel and is used for ploughing. The product is new, with a warranty of 12 months. It weighs 300 KG and the dimensions are 2800mmx1350mmx1000mm. The marketing type is an ordinary product, and a machinery test report is provided. Video outgoing-inspection is also provided. The warranty of core components is 6 months, with the core components being the bearing. The applicable industries for this product are farms, with no showroom location. The working depth is 250mm and the working width is 500mm. The color is customizable. The name of the product is disc plough, with the model being 1LY-225. It is used for ploughing soil, with a power of 50hp and its function is ploughing farmland. It has a TEPee-point Suspension linkage and the packaging is packaging. The packaging details are an iron case and the port is Qingdao, China.

With its high productivity and durable construction, the 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough is an essential tool for any farm. Running on diesel fuel, this disc plough is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. Its robust bearing components ensure that it can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty ploughing, making it a reliable investment for any farmer. The customizable color means you can adapt it to match the rest of your farm machinery or simply choose your favorite color. Its 50hp power and 250mm working depth make it capable of handling a wide range of soil conditions, while the 500mm working width ensures efficient coverage of your fields. Choosing the 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough means choosing a product that offers high productivity, excellent durability, and great value for money.

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  1. What is the warranty period of the 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough?
    The 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough comes with a 12-month warranty.
  2. What is the power type of the 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough?
    The 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough runs on diesel fuel.
  3. What is the working depth and width of the 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough?
    The 1LY-225 heavy duty disc plough has a working depth of 250mm and a working width of 500mm.