Farm Machine Heavy Duty Tube Three Disc Plough for South African Market


This farm machine is a heavy-duty tube three-disc plough, designed specifically for the South African market. It is a Disc Plough type of machine, powered by diesel. It serves as a farm , and is brand new with a 12-month warranty. The machine is used for ploughing and weighs 400 KG with dimensions of 1200mmx1350mmx1000mm. Its key selling point is its high productivity. It is an ordinary product with a machinery test report provided. A video outgoing-inspection is also provided. The warranty for core components is 6 months, and the core component is a bearing. The machine is applicable to farms and has no showroom location. The working depth is 250mm and the working width is 650mm. The color is customizable, and the name of the machine is a disc plough. The model is 1LYX-330 and it's used for ploughing soil with a power of 50-60hp. Its function is ploughing farmland, and it has a TEPee-point suspension for linkage. The machine is packaged in an iron case and is shipped from the port of Qingdao, China.

This heavy-duty three-disc plough is a game-changer for those in the farming industry, particularly those operating within South Africa. Its diesel power type and farm cultivator functionality make it a versatile and essential tool for ploughing. It boasts of high productivity, a trait that is invaluable in the farming industry, and offers a working depth of 250mm and a working width of 650mm. This not only enhances the efficiency of the ploughing process but also ensures the quality of the work done. The disc plough is designed with durability in mind, with a warranty of 12 months for the whole machine and 6 months for core components. It is also customizable in color, allowing for individual preference. When choosing this machine, consider its power, productivity, and functionality in relation to your specific farming needs. Regular maintenance checks and timely replacement of components, as covered by the warranty, will ensure the machine's longevity and optimal performance.

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Q: What is the power type of this disc plough?
A: This disc plough is powered by diesel.

Q: What is the warranty period for this machine?
A: The machine comes with a 12-month warranty, with the core components covered for 6 months.

Q: What is the main function of this machine?
A: The main function of this machine is for ploughing farmland.