Farm Machinery Two Blades Hand Tractor Plough


The Disc Plough is a Farm machinery two blades hand tractor plough. This Electric powered Garden is brand new with a weight of 70 KG. Despite its weight, it is easy to operate. The machine comes with an outgoing-inspection video and a machinery test report. The core components come with a 1-year warranty, and the details can be found by contacting us. The product is applicable in farms and other industries, details of which are available upon contact. Despite not having a showroom location, the disc plough can be customized to fit the customer's requirements. The raw material used is 65Mn and its working width is 400mm. It is powered by 8-15 horsepower. The hand tractor plough comes with 2 plow disc blades, each with a diameter of 410mm. The package is an iron case and is shipped from Qingdao, China.

Our Disc Plough is a top-tier product in the market. Its easy-to-operate feature and the ability to function with 8-15 horsepower make it a highly efficient product. The machine is perfect for garden plowing by hand and is suitable for both farm and agricultural use. Its key selling point is its ease of operation. The machine is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that even a beginner can use it with little to no difficulty. The disc plough is made from high-quality 65Mn raw material ensuring its robustness and longevity. Its working width of 400mm and the number of plow disc blades make it capable of handling any farming challenge. This machine is not only practical but also convenient as it comes with a machinery test report and a 1-year warranty for core components. The machine's maintenance is straightforward with the details available upon contact.

We at Shaoxing Pengxin take pride in our products and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our Disc Plough is not only efficient but also reliable in providing excellent farming solutions. We encourage you to explore our product and see for yourself how it can transform your farming experience. We are confident that once you try out our product, you will see a significant improvement in your farming productivity. So why wait? Contact us now and let us help you revolutionize your farming experience. Remember, our Disc Plough is not just a product; it's a solution to your farming needs.


Q: What is the Warranty of the core components?
A: The core components come with a 1-year warranty.

Q: What is the power type of the disc plough?
A: The disc plough is powered by electricity.

Q: How many plow disc blades does the machine have?
A: The machine comes with 2 plow disc blades, each with a diameter of 410mm.