Farm Plough Equipment 1LY-3 Best Furrow Plough for Sale


Farm plough equipment 1LY-3, a high-quality , is available for sale. This disc plough machine operates on diesel power, the type being a farm . It's a brand new product with a 1-year warranty. The primary use of this machine is to break the hard land and for soil loosening. Weighing 425kg, the dimension of the machine is 2910*1430*890mm. The key selling points of this machine are its high productivity and it's a new product of 2020. The core components of this machine include boron plough and plow hub. The machine is typically used in farms.

The 1LY-3 farm plough equipment is the best furrow plough for sale due to its superior features and outstanding performance. This farm plough equipment has a working width of 900mm and a working depth of 20-25cm. It comes with three plow disc blades, each having a diameter of 28” and a thickness of 6mm. The machine requires a matched power of 55-80hp and has a linkage that is tEPee pointed mounted with a tractor. Apart from the high productivity, the 1LY-3 furrow plough is also known for its durability. It is made of boron steel disc blade that ensures wear resistance and high tensile strength. The plough hub is made of thickened steel, ensuring robust performance even in hard fields. The adjustable angle of the disc plough allows for versatile use.

Shaoxing Pengxin company is proud to present the Farm Plough Equipment 1LY-3. Known for producing high-quality farm equipment, Shaoxing Pengxin guarantees the durability and efficiency of this product. We encourage you to explore the benefits of this innovative farming solution. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your farming operations with the 1LY-3 Farm Plough Equipment. The high productivity, durability, and versatility of this machine make it the perfect investment for your farm. So why wait? Take action now and experience the superior performance of this furrow plough!


Q: What is the weight and dimension of the 1LY-3 Furrow Plough?

A: The 1LY-3 Furrow Plough weighs 425 kg and has a dimension of 2910*1430*890mm.

Q: What are the core components of the 1LY-3 Furrow Plough?

A: The core components of the 1LY-3 Furrow Plough are the boron plough disc blade and plow hub.

Q: How to maintain the 1LY-3 Furrow Plough?

A: Regularly check and replace the boron plough disc blade and plow hub. Ensure the machine is clean and stored in a dry place.