FRV030 Worm Gearbox For Textile Conveying Medical Equipment,And Metering Pumps



Product Introduction

The SJFRV030 reducer can be used for high-precision equipment such as textile, medical, and conveying equipment. It is compact in size, stable in quality, low in noise during operation, and easy to install.

Product Characteristics

  1. The compact body structure is suitable for installation in various environments;
  1. Fully synthetic lubricating oil with long service life;
  2. The stainless steel aluminum body is sprayed with plastic on the surface, making it more corrosion-resistant;
  3. Simple structure, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, good noise reduction effect, compact size,strong corrosion resistance, and long service life.

External dimensions

FRV worm gearboxApplications

Textile equipment, conveying equipment, medical equipment, metering pumps, etc.