Garden Tractor Disc Harrow


The garden tractor disc harrow is a high productivity machine designed to loosen land efficiently. With a weight of 1600KG, it boasts a warranty of a year. This disc harrow is part of the new product line of 2023, with its core components being a bearing. The sturdy piece of equipment comes with a machinery test report and a video outgoing-inspection for your convenience. It’s worth noting that the product has no showroom location, so primarily online orders are encouraged. The packaging details of the product are noteworthy too, with 50 pieces packed in one pallet.

In the field of agriculture, the disc harrow is a crucial tool that is used to till the soil where crops are to be planted. It is also used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. This disc harrow stands out in its high productivity, being able to cover large tracts of land in a shorter time. The disc harrow is easy to use and maintain, with only its core component, the bearing, needing occasional check-ups. The one year warranty offers users the peace of mind knowing that the product is covered in case of any malfunctions. In terms of selection, factors to consider include the size of the land to be tilled, the type of soil, and the specific requirements of the crop to be planted.

Shaoxing Pengxin is committed to offering the best agricultural machinery in the market. With a wide range of products, they have something to cater to every agricultural need. The garden tractor disc harrow is no exception. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Don’t just take our word for it, explore the product and its benefits yourself. A purchase of this tractor disc harrow is a step towards more efficient and productive farming. Take advantage of our new product 2023 offer today and transform your farming experience!


  1. What is the weight of the Garden Tractor Disc Harrow?
    The Garden Tractor Disc Harrow weighs 1600KG.
  2. What is the warranty period for the Garden Tractor Disc Harrow?
    The Garden Tractor Disc Harrow comes with a one-year warranty.
  3. What is the core component of the Garden Tractor Disc Harrow?
    The core component of the Garden Tractor Disc Harrow is the bearing.