Garden Tractor Disc Harrow


The Garden Tractor Disc Harrow is a top-tier agricultural machinery that provides a 1-year warranty. It is suitable for various industries and features a weight of 1500 KG. Despite having no showroom location, video outgoing-inspection and a machinery test report are provided for quality assurance purposes. This new product model prides itself for its high productivity and its core components, such as the bearing, also comes with a 1-year warranty. The Disc Harrow is designed for loosening land and is in brand new condition. It comes packed in a pallet with 50 pieces per pallet.

Our Garden Tractor Disc Harrow is an instrumental tool in the agricultural industry as it efficiently loosens the soil for planting. It stands out due to its high productivity and robust bearing component. These features make it an advantageous tool for farmers and agricultural businesses, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the field. When selecting a disc harrow, it’s crucial to consider the type and size of the land, the type of soil, and the tractor’s power. Maintenance is also important – regular checking and timely replacement of the core components, such as bearings, will prolong the machine’s life and optimize its performance.

At Shaoxing Pengxin, we strive to provide high-quality agricultural machinery that caters to your farming needs. We encourage you to explore our Garden Tractor Disc Harrows and see how they can make a significant difference in your agricultural operations. Our products guarantee high productivity, efficiency, and long-term service. We value your satisfaction, and we are committed to delivering excellence in our products and services. Purchase our Garden Tractor Disc Harrow today and experience the difference in your farming operations.


Q1: What is the weight of the Garden Tractor Disc Harrow?

A1: The Garden Tractor Disc Harrow weighs 1500 KG.

Q2: What is the warranty period for the Garden Tractor Disc Harrow?

A2: The Garden Tractor Disc Harrow comes with a 1-year warranty.

Q3: What is the main use of the Garden Tractor Disc Harrow?

A3: The Garden Tractor Disc Harrow is primarily used for loosening land in preparation for planting.