Good Quality Disc Harrow Kubota Bx


Experience high productivity with the Good Quality Disc Harrow Kubota Bx, a new product of 2020. This machine type is a Disc Harrow, powered by a tractor and primarily used as a farm cultivator. It is designed for farm hard soil tillage operation and comes with a warranty of a year. The machine weighs 1500 KG and has dimensions of 3300*3200*1500mm. It is equipped with core components such as boron disc blade, square shaft, and RSP sealed bearing assemble and is applicable in Manufacturing Plants and farms. The working width is 2500mm, and it can till soil to a depth of 250-280mm. It is powered by a 130-150hp tractor and has 24 harrow disc blades with a diameter of 26” (660mm).

The Good Quality Disc Harrow Kubota Bx stands out for its durability and high productivity. The boron disc blade and square shaft are core components that enhance the machine’s efficiency, and the RSP sealed bearing assemble increases its lifespan. It is designed to handle hard soil tillage operations, making it a perfect fit for both small scale and large scale farms. Its weight and dimensions are tailored for easy maneuverability and storage, and the working width ensures that it covers a large area in a short time. The machine is powered by a tractor, making it versatile, and the inclusion of a warranty underscores the manufacturer??s confidence in its quality and durability. When purchasing, look out for the core components and ensure that the machine has the appropriate weight and dimensions for your farming needs. Regular maintenance should include checking and replacing the RSP sealed bearing assemble and the harrow disc blades when necessary.

The Shaoxing Pengxin company, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality farm equipment, invites you to explore the Good Quality Disc Harrow Kubota Bx. The company prides itself in the use of top-notch materials and advanced technology in the production of their machines, ensuring efficiency, durability, and high productivity. The Good Quality Disc Harrow Kubota Bx is no exception. With its impressive features, it is designed to make your farming operations smooth and efficient. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience high productivity and ease in your farming operations. Purchase the Good Quality Disc Harrow Kubota Bx today and enjoy the benefits of top-quality and efficient farming equipment. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are always ready to serve you better.


Q: What is the delivery time of the Good Quality Disc Harrow Kubota Bx?

A: The delivery time is within 15 days after the order confirmation.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: The payment terms are 30% deposit after order confirmation and balance 70% before shipment.

Q: What is the material of the disc blade?

A: The disc blade material is boron steel and 65Mn steel.