Guaranteed Quality Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Piston Cylinder For Trailer


We are excited to present our latest product, the Double Acting hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic Piston Cylinder for trailers. This state-of-the-art piece of machinery, backed up with a one-year warranty, is ideal for various industries, including Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Energy & Mining, Machinery manufacturing, and Machinery Factory. Characterized by its robust steel body, this hydraulic piston cylinder can deliver a maximum thrust of 3000 and a pull force of up to 20 tons.

Understanding the significance of this product in industrial applications is paramount. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a game-changer in power transmission and execution, automation control, and precise positioning. Our hydraulic piston cylinder is renowned for its quick response, high efficiency, reliable sealing performance, and multifunctionality. It’s a product of high precision and repeatability, designed to thrive in various applications such as material handling, packaging, assembly, mold manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, automated production lines, and machine tool processing. To ensure its longevity, we encourage regular inspection of products, consistent lubrication and maintenance, frequent inspection, and replacement of worn parts, and strict adherence to operating guidelines. For those looking to replace the Welded Through Hole Type Cylinder, a simple step-by-step process involves confirming the cylinder model and specifications, disconnecting the air supply, removing the connecting pipelines, uninstalling the old cylinder, installing the new one, reconnecting the pipelines, and finally, testing and adjusting.

Shaoxing Pengxin factory

Experience our production process firsthand by taking a virtual tour of our?VR factory. Shaoxing Pengxin, established in 2006 and located in Shaoxing City, is a leading supplier of Forklift hydraulic cylinders in China. Our product line includes hydraulic tilt cylinders, hydraulic steering cylinders, and hydraulic lifting cylinders, with a production capacity of 200,000 sets. We boast of having 300 sets of fully automatic CNC production equipment and automatic assembly equipment for hydraulic cylinders.

Shaoxing Pengxin’s high-quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent service have earned us a trustworthy reputation with clients worldwide. With a focus on customized services, after-sales service, professionalism, and advanced production equipment, Shaoxing Pengxin should be your first choice for all your hydraulic cylinder needs. We also supply high-altitude work platform oil cylinders, Sany Heavy Industry hydraulic cylinders, sanitation vehicle oil cylinder lifting cylinders, and telescopic loading and unloading machine arm frame oil cylinders. We are open to customization requests based on drawings or samples.

Explore the quality and reliability of Shaoxing Pengxin products, and let us be your trusted partner in your industrial applications.