High Efficiency 6 stere volume farm fertilizer spreader for sale


For sale is a high-efficiency, 6 stere volume farm fertilizer spreader that is applicable for farms. It is a new 2020 product with a one-year warranty on the core components. The core components include the bearing and gear. The fertilizer spreader is in new condition and is used for spreading fertilizer. It has a production capacity of 1.0ha/h and requires a power of 50-100hp. The dimensions of the spreader are 4650*2100*1860mm, and it weighs 1600 KG. This high-quality fertilizer spreader has a one-year warranty and its key selling point is its high productivity.

This farm fertilizer spreader has several notable features that make it a great investment. Firstly, it has a large loading capacity with a heightening hole design, which provides convenience for users to increase loading. Secondly, it features a discharge port regulating valve that can adjust the size of the fertilizer port according to different fertilizer output requirements. Lastly, it has a regulating valve that controls the conveying speed of the chain. The larger the gear, the faster the chain conveying speed and the larger the fertilizer flow rate.

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Q1: What is the production capacity of this farm fertilizer spreader?
A: The production capacity of this fertilizer spreader is 1.0ha/h.

Q2: What is the warranty on the core components of this farm fertilizer spreader?
A: The core components of this fertilizer spreader have a one-year warranty.

Q3: What kind of power does this farm fertilizer spreader require?
A: This farm fertilizer spreader requires a power of 50-100hp.