How to Set Up a Disc Plow/Disc Plows for Sale


How to Set Up a Disc Plow/Disc Plows for Sale

Disc plows are a crucial part of any farming operation, especially when dealing with complex lands such as weedy lands, heavy soils, and farmland with bricks and stones. The disc plow showcased here, model 1LYQ-220, is designed for high productivity and optimum performance. This model is a new product of 2020, powered by a four-wheel tractor, and primarily used for agricultural plowing on hard fields.

The 1LYQ-220 disc plow is a farm cultivator that boasts an impressive working width of 400mm and a working depth of 18-20cm. The plow is equipped with two boron steel disc blades, each with a diameter of 20 inches (510mm), for efficient and effective plowing. This disc plow is lightweight, weighing only 160kg, making it easy to handle and maneuver. With a matched power of 15-25hp, this disc plow offers high productivity that meets the agricultural requirements of fine cultivation. In terms of its physical dimensions, the 1LYQ-220 measures 1330*1140*1314mm (L*W*H).

Shaoxing Pengxin Machinery Co. Ltd. is proud to offer the 1LYQ-220 disc plow as part of its extensive range of high-quality agricultural machinery. We encourage you to explore this product and see the difference it can make to your farming operation. With the 1LYQ-220, you can expect nothing less than high productivity, ease of operation, and top-notch performance. Its compact dimensions, boron steel plow disc blades, simple control, and easy maintenance make it a standout choice for all your ploughing needs. Don’t wait, invest in the 1LYQ-220 today and experience unrivalled performance and productivity in your farming operations.


  1. What is the working depth of the 1LYQ-220 disc plow?
    The 1LYQ-220 disc plow has a working depth of 18-20cm.
  2. What is the diameter of the plow disc blade?
    The diameter of the plow disc blade of the 1LYQ-220 is 20 inches (510mm).
  3. What type of land is the 1LYQ-220 disc plow suitable for?
    The 1LYQ-220 disc plow is suitable for complex lands, such as weedy land, heavy soil, and farmland with bricks and stones.