Introducing the 2150 Disc Hay Mower: A Powerhouse of Efficiency and Durability



The 2150 Disc Hay , a high productivity grass cutting machine designed for tractor 3-point linkage, is an exceptional addition to your farming equipment. With a core component of durable bearing and coming in a variety of customer-preferred colors, this mower is engineered to deliver a higher efficiency in your grass and straw management needs. The model DM-2150 comes with a power requirement of ??45hp, ensuring robust performance in various applications. Its weight of 450 KG and the absence of a physical showroom location is compensated by the provision of video outgoing-inspection and a detailed machinery test report.

Key Features and Benefits of the 2150 Disc Hay Mower

The 2150 Disc Hay Mower offers numerous advantages that make it a standout piece of farm equipment. Its five key features and benefits include:

  1. High Efficiency: This disc hay mower is designed for maximum productivity, enabling faster and more effective grass and straw management.
  2. Easy Operation: With its tractor 3-point linkage usage specification, it offers straightforward operation, reducing the time and effort required for training and usage.
  3. Durability: The core components, such as the bearing, are designed to last, ensuring that the mower can withstand the rigors of farm work.
  4. Cost-Effective: With a warranty of 6-12 months on core components, this mower is a cost-effective solution for long-term farming needs.
  5. Versatility: The DM-2150 is not just a grass cutting machine. It's also capable of handling tasks such as straw wraparound, making it a versatile addition to any farming operation.

The 2150 Disc Hay Mower is perfect for various applications, including hay production, feed preparation, greening engineering, land cleaning, and land leveling. The operation process is seamless ?C prepare your equipment, adjust the work width, start traction, select your work speed, start collecting and organizing, pay attention to terrain, complete the collection and organization, and then clean and maintain. This makes it an essential tool for efficient farming.

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FAQs About the 2150 Disc Hay Mower

  1. What is the power requirement for the 2150 Disc Hay Mower?
    The 2150 Disc Hay Mower requires a power of ??45hp.
  2. What is the weight of the 2150 Disc Hay Mower?
    The 2150 Disc Hay Mower weighs 450 KG.
  3. What is the warranty period for the 2150 Disc Hay Mower?
    The warranty period for the core components of the 2150 Disc Hay Mower is 6-12 months.
  4. What is the key selling point of the 2150 Disc Hay Mower?
    The key selling point of the 2150 Disc Hay Mower is its high productivity, which ensures efficient grass and straw management.
  5. What are the uses of the 2150 Disc Hay Mower?
    The 2150 Disc Hay Mower is designed for various applications, including hay production, feed preparation, greening engineering, land cleaning, and land leveling.