Introducing the Lightweight, High-Performance Car Trailers by Shaoxing Chaoli



Are you in the market for a lightweight ? If so, consider the Car Trailer from Shaoxing Chaoli. This trailer offers a maximum payload of 2000kg and a size of 2400*1200*450. It can handle a load of 1500kg and weighs only 370kg. The trailer's matched power is between 20-25, and it comes with an OE number. It will be shipped to you in an iron case or based on your preferred packaging method, with the port being Qing Dao, China. The 7C series farm trailer from Shaoxing Chaoli has a wide variety of types. It has a sensible structure, attractive design, and is economical and durable. The trailer can be matched with various types of tractors. It has many types: single axle two-wheel trailer, double axles four-wheel trailer, with options for hydraulic dump or non-hydraulic dump.

Unveiling the Features, Advantages, and Applications of Shaoxing Chaoli's Car Trailers

Upon closer inspection, Shaoxing Chaoli's Car Trailers demonstrate several standout features and advantages. Firstly, these trailers offer an impressive transportation and handling capacity. With a maximum payload of 2000kg and a load capacity of 1500kg, they are well-equipped to handle heavy loads. Secondly, their durability and reliability are second to none, thanks to their robust construction and meticulous design. These trailers are also easy to maintain and uphold. Their adaptability and flexibility make them suitable for a variety of tractors. Lastly, the economic efficiency of these trailers is highly commendable, providing a high return on investment for users.

Shaoxing Chaoli's Car Trailers find extensive application in several scenarios. They are ideal for the transportation of agricultural products, handling of agricultural tools and equipment, and land management and agricultural work. They also find use in agricultural waste treatment, farm maintenance, and construction. To use these trailers, one needs to follow a few simple steps. These include proper connection and installation, ensuring load balancing, correct loading and fixing, safe driving and handling, and understanding the importance of speed and road conditions. Regular maintenance and upkeep, coupled with safety awareness, are also critical for the trailers' longevity and safe operation.

Experience the Quality and Innovation of Shaoxing Chaoli's Products

Shaoxing Chaoli is a professional manufacturer of trailers, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of advanced production and testing equipment and also produce other Agricultural Machinery, such as lawn mowers, fertilizer applicators, graders, harvesters, cultivators, and boom sprays. Our tailored services, excellent after-sales service, professionalism, and state-of-the-art production equipment distinguish us from others. We welcome customers to explore and purchase our products, promising an experience that combines innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service.

Shaoxing Chaoli invites customers to customize products to their needs. We assure you that our trailers will improve your agricultural operations' efficiency, saving you time and resources. We cordially invite you to explore our product range and discover how our offerings can enhance your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum payload of the Car Trailer?
    The Car Trailer can handle a maximum payload of 2000kg.
  2. How much does the Car Trailer weigh?
    The Car Trailer weighs 370kg.
  3. What types of tractors can the Car Trailer be matched with?
    The trailer can be matched with various types of tractors, offering great adaptability and flexibility.
  4. What is the matched power of the Car Trailer?
    The matched power of the Car Trailer is between 20-25.
  5. Does Shaoxing Chaoli offer customized services?
    Yes, Shaoxing Chaoli offers tailored services, allowing customers to customize products to their specific needs.