Introducing the Robust and Functional Farm Trailer 7CX-4



The Farm 7CX-4 is a full trailer designed for truck use, made from sturdy iron and boasting a size of 3150*1550*1880mm. It has a maximum payload capacity of 4T and is CE certified. The trailer features two axles, hydraulic brakes, and is customizable to meet customer color requirements. With four road wheels and standard packaging, this trailer is perfect for transporting agricultural products. It comes with the tire model 825R20 10.00R20. The packaging details include parts and components, with flexible packing in a box plate. All orders are shipped from Qingdao, China.

Why Choose the Farm Trailer 7CX-4?

The Farm Trailer 7CX-4 stands out in the market for its numerous advantages and unique features. Firstly, this trailer is incredibly versatile with a high transportation and handling capacity of 4T, allowing for efficient transportation of various agricultural products. Secondly, its durability and reliability are unmatched, thanks to its robust iron construction and high-quality components. This ensures that the trailer can withstand the harsh conditions of farming operations.

Furthermore, the Farm Trailer 7CX-4 offers easy maintenance and upkeep. Its hydraulic brakes provide optimal stopping power, while its two-axle design ensures stability and easy handling. This trailer also boasts adaptability and flexibility, with its customizable color and ability to handle different road conditions with its four road wheels. Lastly, its economic efficiency makes it a smart investment for those in the agriculture industry.

The Farm Trailer 7CX-4 can be used in various application scenarios. It is ideal for transporting agricultural products, handling agricultural tools and equipment, land management and agricultural work, agricultural waste treatment, and farm maintenance and construction. Users can easily connect and install the trailer, ensure load balancing, secure loading and fixing, handle driving and handling, and maintain the trailer. Additionally, the trailer can be used in different speed and road conditions, ensuring utmost safety and efficiency.

Experience Quality with Shaoxing Chaoli

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum payload of the Farm Trailer 7CX-4?
    The Farm Trailer 7CX-4 has a maximum payload of 4T.
  2. What are the dimensions of the Farm Trailer 7CX-4?
    The Farm Trailer 7CX-4 measures 3150*1550*1880mm.
  3. What material is the Farm Trailer 7CX-4 made of?
    The Farm Trailer 7CX-4 is made of iron.
  4. How many axles does the Farm Trailer 7CX-4 have?
    The Farm Trailer 7CX-4 has two axles.
  5. What type of brakes does the Farm Trailer 7CX-4 use?
    The Farm Trailer 7CX-4 uses hydraulic brakes.