New 510*4mm Agricultural Equipment Disc Harrow with Disc Harrow Blade/Plough Disc Blade



New 510*4mm Agricultural Equipment Disc Harrow with Disc Harrow Blade/Plough Disc Blade

Introducing our brand new 510*4mm Agricultural equipment disc harrow with disc harrow blade/plough disc blade. This agricultural machinery, engineered by our experts at Shaoxing Pengxin Co., Ltd., is of perfect size (11”(280mm)*4mm), and is made of premium quality 65Mn spring steel/Boron steel. This machinery is designed for use on farms and is guaranteed with a 6-month warranty. The product weighs 5.5 KG and is of the blade type. It can be shipped from ports at Qingdao, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

This Agricultural equipment disc harrow is top-notch, designed with an original color finish and a hardness specification of 38-44HRC. The product is easy to use and maintain, and its components, including the disc harrow blade, can be easily replaced when necessary. In terms of quality, our disc harrow blade stands out due to its superior 65Mn spring steel/Boron steel, which guarantees longevity and optimal performance. The blade is available for purchase in minimum order quantity of one piece and comes packaged in an iron case. This product is an ordinary type, and we offer a comprehensive machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection for quality assurance.

At Shaoxing Pengxin, we believe in the delivery of quality and durable agricultural machinery. We encourage you to explore our wide range of products, including disc harrows, disc plows, furrow plows, cultivators, rotavators, and many more. Our products are designed to optimize your farming practices, increase productivity, and ultimately, boost your farm’s profitability. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to upgrade your farming machinery. Order now and experience the difference!


  1. What is the hardness of the disc harrow blade?
    The disc harrow blade has a hardness of 38-44HRC.
  2. What is the minimum order quantity for the disc harrow blade?
    The minimum order quantity for the disc harrow blade is one piece.
  3. What is the warranty of the Agricultural equipment disc harrow?
    The Agricultural equipment disc harrow comes with a 6-month warranty.