New Design Hand Tractor Plough


New Design Hand Tractor Plough

The New Design Hand Tractor Plough is a disc plough machine with an electric power type. The garden cultivator is brand new and features a weight of 70 KG. Its dimensions are 1050*500*700mm, and it is easy to operate. This is a new product of 2021, and a machinery test report is provided. It has a warranty of core components for 1 year. The core components and applicable industries details can be obtained by contacting us. The showroom location is not available. The product name is New Design Hand Tractor Plough with a model number of 1LS-220Y. The raw material is 65Mn with keywords ‘disc plough’. The working width is 400mm, and it operates with a power of 8-15hp. It has 2 pcs of plow disc blade with a diameter of 410mm. The color can be customized based on the customer’s requirements.

Our New Design Hand Tractor Plough is an epitome of innovation and efficiency, especially designed for high yield green fields, rice fields, and stubble fields. With a working depth of 15-18cm, this machine guarantees excellent ploughing performance and soil turnover quality, meeting the requirements of agricultural production. The 1LS-220Y model is not just an equipment, but a solution that offers low working resistance, no winding grass, jams, extended disc blade life, and easy operation. Care for your plough by keeping it clean and properly storing it after use. For any replacements, contact us and we’ll guide you with the appropriate parts.

Shaoxing Pengxin Company is proud to offer the New Design Hand Tractor Plough. We are committed to providing high-quality, durable, and reliable products that meet your farming needs. We strongly encourage you to explore the New Design Hand Tractor Plough, a product that guarantees high performance and efficiency. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your productivity and simplify your farming tasks. Purchase our product today and experience the difference!


Q: What is the delivery time for New Design Hand Tractor Plough?

A: The delivery time is within 30 days after the order is confirmed.

Q: What material is the disc blade made of?

A: The disc blade is made of Boron steel and 65Mn steel.

Q: Can I customize the product according to my sample or drawing?

A: Yes, we can manufacture the product following your sample or drawing.