New Type Small Potato Planter: A Game-Changer for Your Farm



Introducing the innovative new type small potato planter, designed specifically for use with a 12hp hand walking tractor. Perfectly suited for farming industries, this machine boasts a single row planting system, weighs only 46 KG, and has a compact dimension of 800*900*800mm. The planter comes with a 1-year warranty and is renowned for its high productivity. Its core components are robust and durable, ensuring minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency. The planter is customizable in color and is especially designed for seeding potato at a depth of 20-25cm. It comes in a sturdy iron case, can work at a width of 50-80cm, and shows incredible working efficiency of 0.2-0.33ha./h.

The new type small potato planter is a true game-changer for commercial potato farms. It’s a time and labor-saving device that ensures precise planting and protection of seeds. Its easy operation allows even novice farmers to use it with ease. To operate the product, start by preparing the land for planting. Adjust the machine settings according to your planting needs. Fill the seed box with potato seeds and start the machine. The tractor will automatically plant the seeds at the set depth and distance as it moves. Inspect the planting quality regularly and perform maintenance and cleaning after every use. In case of any damage, replacing the potato planter accessories is straightforward. Start by identifying the damaged part and purchasing the correct replacement. Make sure to disconnect the machine from any power source before beginning the repair. Remove the damaged part, install the new one, and conduct a thorough inspection and testing before resuming operation.

Choose Shaoxing Chaoli for High-Quality Potato Planters

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  1. What is the weight of the potato planter?
    The potato planter weighs 46 KG.
  2. What is the planting depth of this machine?
    The machine plants seeds at a depth of 20-25cm.
  3. What is the working efficiency of the potato planter?
    The working efficiency of the machine is 0.2-0.33ha./h.
  4. What warranty does the potato planter come with?
    The potato planter comes with a 1-year warranty.
  5. Can I customize the color of the potato planter?
    Yes, the color of the potato planter can be customized as per your preference.