Revolutionize Your Agricultural Transport with the 7CX-3T Fruit Transfer Trailer



Introducing the 7CX-3T fruit transfer , an innovative piece of farm machinery that offers high functionality and productivity on the farm. This brand-new 2022 model is specifically designed for agricultural transport and is perfectly suited for farm industries. With a loading capacity of 3000kg and a net weight of 1250kg, the 7CX-3T trailer is built with high-quality bearings as its core components, ensuring durability and reliability.

Unmatched Features and Benefits of the 7CX-3T Fruit Transfer Trailer

The 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer is not just a machine, but a solution to various agricultural transport needs. Here are five key points that distinguish it from other farm trailers:

1. Transportation and Handling Capacity

With a loading weight of up to 3000kg, the 7CX-3T trailer is designed for heavy-duty work. It can effectively transport large quantities of fruits, agricultural tools, and equipment, making it an indispensable asset on the farm.

2. Durability and Reliability

The core components of the 7CX-3T trailer are high-quality bearings, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. With a one-year warranty on these components, you can be assured of our commitment to quality.

3. Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

The 7CX-3T trailer is designed with the end-user in mind. Its user-friendly features make maintenance and upkeep a breeze, saving you time and resources.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility

Whether it's navigating through narrow paths or working on uneven land, the 7CX-3T trailer is adaptable and flexible. Its carriage size and lifting height make it suitable for various agricultural scenarios.

5. Economic Efficiency

With a weight of 1250kg and a high loading capacity, the 7CX-3T trailer offers economic efficiency, reducing the number of trips needed to transport goods, thereby saving fuel and time.

Application Scenarios of the 7CX-3T Fruit Transfer Trailer

The 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer is versatile, catering to a wide range of farm operations. It's ideal for agricultural product transportation, handling of agricultural tools and equipment, land management and agricultural work, agricultural waste treatment, and farm maintenance and construction.

How to Use the 7CX-3T Fruit Transfer Trailer

Using the 7CX-3T trailer is straightforward. Connect it to a power source of more than 20hp, balance your load evenly on the carriage, secure it properly, and you're set to go. Given its weight, ensure that your driving and handling are carefully regulated, especially in varying speed and road conditions. Regular maintenance is essential to keep it in optimal condition. Safety is paramount, so always maintain a keen awareness of safe operating practices while using the 7CX-3T trailer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the loading weight of the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer?The 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer can load up to 3000kg.
  2. What is the core component of the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer?The core component of the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer is its high-quality bearings.
  3. Does the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer come with a warranty?Yes, there is a one-year warranty on the core components of the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer.
  4. What is the application of the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer?The 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer is designed for a variety of agricultural transport needs, including the transport of agricultural products, tools, and equipment.
  5. Who is the manufacturer of the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer?Shaoxing Chaoli, a professional manufacturer of trailers and other farm machinery, manufactures the 7CX-3T fruit transfer trailer.