Revolutionize Your Farming with the Agricultural Disc Blade Plough Harrow Disc



Introducing the Agricultural Disc Blade Plough Harrow disc blade 18”*5mm, a game-changer in farm work efficiency. This brand-new product comes with a 6-month warranty, which serves as a testament to its robustness and durability. It’s designed specifically for farm use, weighing only 7.3 KG for easy handling. The product is made available to you without the need for a showroom visit, and a video outgoing inspection as well as a machinery test report is provided for your convenience. This ordinary product type, specifically a blade used for disc harrow, is an offering from the reputable brand. It can be shipped via Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou ports, with a standard 30% TT payment method. With a hardness of 38-44HRC, it retains its original color, and its keyword is disc harrow blade. You can order as few as 1 piece, and it comes in an iron case. Its advantage is the 65Mn spring steel/Boron steel construction. Packaging details include an iron case or as per your demand, and delivery detail is according to your quantity.

The Shaoxing Pengxin Agricultural Disc Blade Plough Harrow disc blade stands out for its superior material and design. Made from 65Mn spring steel and Boron steel, it guarantees strength and durability for long-term use. The blade size is 11” (280mm)*4mm, an optimal dimension for efficient plowing and harrowing. This product fits perfectly into the diverse product range of EVER-POWER GROUP Co.,Ltd, a company devoted to supplying a variety of agricultural machinery parts. Whether you need light-duty, mid-duty or heavy-duty models, hydraulic or mounted, opposite or offset designs, this company has got you covered. They offer a wide range of products including Disc harrow, Disc plow, Furrow plow, Cultivator, Rotavator, Potato planter, corn planter, wheat seeder, Boom sprayer, spreader, Potato harvester, peanut harvester, Post-hole digger, Mower, ditching ridger, ditching machine, Disc blades, tines, and other accessories.

Make the smart choice today and revolutionize your farming experience with the Agricultural Disc Blade Plough Harrow disc blade from Shaoxing Pengxin. Trust in the reliability and efficiency that comes with products from Shaoxing Pengxin Co.,Ltd. Don’t wait, seize the opportunity to upgrade your farming machinery and see the difference for yourself. Maximize your productivity, save time and resources with this superior product. Visit our website now, explore our wide range of products and make your purchase today. Remember, quality and efficiency in farming start with the right tools.


  1. What is the hardness of the Agricultural Disc Blade Plough Harrow disc blade?
    The hardness of the blade is 38-44HRC.
  2. What is the payment method for this product?
    The standard payment method is 30% TT.
  3. What is the advantage of this blade?
    The advantage of this blade is its construction from 65Mn spring steel/Boron steel, guaranteeing its strength and durability.