Revolutionize Your Farming with the New Design Simple Land Leveler 3 Point Tractor



Introducing the cutting-edge in farming technology, the New Design Simple Land Leveler 3 Point Tractor. This innovative piece of machinery comes with a one-year warranty and is designed to streamline your farming practices. The land leveler is ideal for all farming industries, with a weight of just 85 kilograms and no physical showroom required. This new product of 2020 offers long service life and is equipped with a scraper blade as its core component. The land leveler has a working width of 1200mm, a working depth of 25cm, and is capable of matching power between 25-30hp. The 3-point mounted linkage and 65Mn Spring Steel scraper blade material further enhance its functionality. This product can be customized to suit the customer’s requirements.

The New Design Simple Land Leveler 3 Point Tractor is a game-changer in the world of farming. Its prime advantages include increased productivity, enhanced safety, and unrivalled versatility. The land leveler vastly improves efficiency by leveling the land quickly and with precision. The safety of the operator is paramount, with the built-in video outgoing-inspection and machinery test report provided for peace of mind. The versatility of this machine is witnessed in its wide range of applications; from fence installation, tree and shrub planting, to foundation and excavation work. When selecting this product, consider the scope of your project, the terrain of your land, and the power of your tractor for optimal results. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs will ensure the long service life of the land leveler.

Ever-Power Group Co., Ltd, based in Hangzhou, China, is proud to present the New Design Simple Land Leveler 3 Point Tractor, along with a wide range of other farming equipment such as disc harrow, disc plough, cultivator, rotary tiller, trailer and sprayer to cater to all your farming needs. Land Leveler Tractor We encourage you to explore our products and discover how we can revolutionize your farming practices. With Ever-Power Group, quality and innovation meet to provide you with the best farming solutions.


  1. What is the delivery time for the land leveler?
    After confirming your order, the land leveler will be delivered within 30 days.
  2. What are the payment terms?
    As usual, we require a 30% deposit after confirming the order and the remaining 70% after shipment.
  3. Can the land leveler be customized?
    Yes, we can modify the land leveler according to your drawing or sample.