Tractor disc plough / massey ferguson disc plough /3 disc plough


The Tractor disc plough / massey ferguson disc plough /3 disc plough is a machine of high productivity, optimal for plowing land. It operates on diesel power and functions as a farm . The plough is new with a one-year warranty, having a weight of 196 KG and dimensions of 2155*795*1150mm. It is a new product of 2020 and comes with a machinery test report. The warranty of core components is one year, and core components include the Bearing and plough . It is applicable in farms and does not require a showroom location. The product name is Tractor disc plough / massey ferguson disc plough /3 disc plough, with a model of 1LYQ-420, a working width of 800mm, and a working depth of 15-20cm. It has 4 plow disc blades, each with a diameter of 20″ (510mm). The plough is used for agricultural plowing hard land, and it matches power from 35-55hp. It is linked by a tEPee pointed mounted with a tractor.

This Tractor disc plough is a high-performance agricultural equipment designed to enhance farm productivity. It exhibits excellent passability and penetration to achieve complete inversion and coverage, while its small draft resistance ensures easy operation and adjustment. The disc plough is particularly effective in plowing hard land, thanks to its robust discs of 20″ diameter, which guarantee efficient, deep tillage of up to 15-20cm. Its strength and durability are assured by its high-quality core components – the plough disc blade and the bearing. With a weight of 196kg, this plough is sturdy yet manageable, making it the perfect match for tractors with 35-55hp. Its compact dimensions (2155*795*1150mm) make it easy to handle and store. For maintenance, simply ensure the diesel power supply is always available, and the discs are sharp and clean. If a replacement is needed, the warranty covers a one-year period for core components.

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Q: What is the disc diameter of the Tractor disc plough?

A: The disc diameter of the Tractor disc plough is 20″ (510mm).

Q: What power supply does the Tractor disc plough run on?

A: The Tractor disc plough runs on diesel power.

Q: How many plow disc blades does the Tractor disc plough have?

A: The Tractor disc plough has 4 plow disc blades.