Tractor driven lime spreader for sale


Our tractor driven lime spreader is on sale, designed for a wide range of applicable industries, particularly farms. This product is brand new, with a warranty of core components for one year and the overall product for two years. It has been tested for quality and performance, and certified under ISO9001. Its core components include a gear system that ensures high productivity and efficiency. With a weight of 2000 KG and dimensions of 5500*2250*2200mm, this lime spreader boasts a production capacity of 0.79ha/h and requires a power of 70-120hp.

The lime spreader was designed and developed with the latest technologies from the United States. It is primarily useful for operations such as basic fertilizer broadcasting before plowing, seeding after plowing, and seed and fertilizer broadcasting in pastures. With its compact structure, it has a broad application range, high operational efficiency, and even broadcasting. The lime spreader is also easy to maintain and service, with engineers available for overseas service. To choose the right lime spreader, consider factors such as the size of your farm, the type of crops you grow, and your budget.

Shaoxing Pengxin is a trusted name in the farming industry, offering a variety of farming equipment and machinery that deliver high performance and durability. We stand behind the quality of our products, offering warranties and after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction. We invite you to explore our tractor driven lime spreader, a product that promises to enhance productivity and efficiency on your farm. With its superior features and competitive pricing, it is an investment that will surely pay off in the long run. So why wait? Take action today and experience the difference with Shaoxing Pengxin’s lime spreader.

Q & A

Q1: What is the warranty period for the lime spreader?

A1: The warranty for the core components is one year, while the overall product warranty is two years.

Q2: What is the production capacity of the lime spreader?

A2: The production capacity of the lime spreader is 0.79ha/h.

Q3: Are there any after-sales services provided?

A3: Yes, engineers are available to service machinery overseas.