Tractor Fertilizer Spreader


Tractor Fertilizer Spreader

This EP brand Tractor Fertilizer Spreader is an essential tool for modern farming, capable of spreading a wide range of products. The spreader is new and comes with a one-year warranty on core components. It showcases high efficiency and productivity, making it an ideal choice for farms. The spreader is designed for a production capacity of 10-15ha/h. It is powered by 20-30hp and measures 2150*940*940mm. Weighing only 100 KG, it is easy to handle and transport. After-sales support is available as our engineers are ready to service machinery overseas. The product is named ‘Walk-behind Spreader’ and it is a fertilizer spreader tool.

The Walk-behind Spreader is designed with a simple yet robust three-point linkage system, ensuring it can easily be attached to a tractor. Its main function is to spread chemical fertilizer evenly across the field, promoting the growth of crops. Packed in an iron cage, the machine is well-protected during transportation. The spreader is available for order with a minimum quantity of one set and is primarily marketed in Europe and America. It is an ordinary product with extraordinary performance, backed by video outgoing-inspection and machinery test report. The key selling points of this machine are its high productivity and efficiency, which are crucial for large-scale farming operations.

Shaoxing Pengxin is proud to present the Walk-behind Spreader, a product that embodies our commitment to high-quality and efficient farming tools. We invite you to explore the benefits of this machine, understand its features, and see how it can revolutionize your farming practices. We believe that our product is not just an ordinary tool, but a solution to the challenges faced by modern farmers. So why wait? Take this step towards a more productive and efficient farming operation. Order the Walk-behind Spreader today!


  1. What is the production capacity of the Walk-behind Spreader? The Walk-behind Spreader has a production capacity of 10-15ha/h.
  2. What type of warranty is offered on the Walk-behind Spreader? The Walk-behind Spreader comes with a one-year warranty on core components.
  3. What kind of after-sales support is available? We provide after-sales service with engineers available to service machinery overseas.