Tractor Mounted Disc Plough for Sale OLX


Available for sale on OLX is a tractor-mounted disc plough, a farm cultivator that is powered by a tractor. This new plough comes with a one-year warranty. It has a weight of 410kg and dimensions of 2878*1540*1413mm. After-sales service is provided in the form of free spare parts, video technical support, and engineers available to service machinery overseas. It is ISO9001 certified, and its name is 1LY-325. The working width is 900mm, and it is 3-point mounted. The matched power is 55-60hp, diameter of the disc is 26” and thickness of the disc is 6mm. The product is packed in an iron case.

The tractor-mounted disc plough is a robust and efficient piece of agricultural machinery. It is designed to be used for ploughing, and its three-point linkage allows for easy attachment to a tractor. It has a working width of 900mm, making it suitable for both small and large-scale farming operations. The plough??s heavy-duty disc, which has a diameter of 26?? and thickness of 6mm, ensures durability and long-lasting performance. It is capable of ploughing through various soil types, even those with high stubble from previous crops. The plough is also easy to maintain and replace parts when necessary, with after-sales service and free spare parts provided.

Shaoxing Pengxin is a trusted name in the agricultural machinery industry, offering high-quality products like the tractor-mounted disc plough. If you??re looking to enhance your farming operations with efficient and reliable equipment, look no further than Shaoxing Pengxin. We encourage you to explore this product on OLX and make a purchase to experience the difference it can make in your cultivation process. It??s an investment that will surely increase your productivity and yield.


  1. What type of tractor is needed to operate the 1LY-325 disc plough?
    The 1LY-325 disc plough is designed to be operated with a tractor that has a power output between 55-60hp.
  2. What after-sales service is provided?
    Shaoxing Pengxin provides free spare parts, video technical support, and engineers available to service machinery overseas for this product.
  3. What is the disc plough’s working width?
    The working width of the disc plough is 900mm, suitable for various farming operations.