Welded pipe 3 point disc plow for sale


The Welded pipe 3 point disc plow is a high productivity, farm suitable for four wheel tractors. Its brand new model boasts a working width of 900mm and a working depth of 20-25cm. It is designed to match a power range of 50-70hp and is ideal for agricultural plowing of hard fields. The plow and plow hub are made from boron steel, ensuring durability and efficiency. The disc plow comes with a one-year warranty, and core components are covered for six months.

This disc plow stands out for its robustness and high productivity, making it a must-have for agricultural activities. Its three boron steel blades ensure an efficient and smooth plowing experience, even in hard fields. The disc plow is designed to be mounted on a four-wheel tractor, providing a stable and secure fit for optimum performance. It also offers a working depth of 20-25cm, allowing for deep cultivation that promotes healthy crop growth. This disc plow is not only durable but also easy to maintain, thanks to its robust construction and the availability of replacement parts. When choosing a disc plow, consider factors such as the type of soil, the size of your field, and the power of your tractor. With proper care and maintenance, this disc plow can serve you efficiently for many cropping seasons.

Shaoxing Pengxin Machinery Co., Ltd is proud to present the Welded pipe 3 point disc plow. Our company guarantees high-quality products designed to meet the diverse needs of modern farming. We invite you to explore the unique features and benefits of this disc plow. We are confident that it will revolutionize your farming experience, boosting productivity and efficiency. Make the smart move today and invest in the Welded pipe 3 point disc plow. Your farm deserves the best, and this is what we offer. Visit our website or contact us directly for more information and to make your purchase. Elevate your farming practice with Shaoxing Pengxin Machinery Co., Ltd!


Q: What is the delivery time for the Welded pipe 3 point disc plow?

A: After confirming the order, the disc plow will be delivered within 30 days.

Q: What material is the disc blade made from?

A: The disc blade of the Welded pipe 3 point disc plow is made from boron steel, known for its durability and strength.

Q: How do I maintain the Welded pipe 3 point disc plow?

A: Maintenance is easy, thanks to the robust construction of the disc plow. Regular checks and replacement of parts, when necessary, will ensure the disc plow serves you efficiently for a long time.