YR5602-6 700KW 800KW 900KW 10000V 990 rpm motor electric motor three phase asynchronous motor



Warranty: 3months-1year
Model Number: HV Motor YR5602-6
Type: Asynchronous Motor
Frequency: 50/60hz
Phase: Three-phase
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
AC Voltage: 10000V
Efficiency: IE 4
Motor Center Height: H560(mm)
Protection Degree: IP23
Cooling Method: IC01
Insulation Class: F Class
Mounting Type: IMB3
Function: blower, press machines, drawing machines
Gereral Use 01: Ordinary industry , pump, plastic extruding
Gereral Use 02: Driving equipments, mining, metallurgy, printing, paper making, etc
Certification: CCC
Packaging Details: Export wooden package in individual plywood box, customized as your request.
Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

The HV Motor YR5602-6 is a high voltage, three-phase asynchronous motor that delivers high-performance efficiency with a rating of IE 4. It operates at a frequency of 50/60Hz and boasts an AC voltage of 10000V. This motor is designed to be totally enclosed, offering a high level of protectability. The mounting type of the motor is IMB3, with a motor center height of H560(mm). The cooling method used is IC01, with the motor having an insulation class of F. This motor is suitable for a variety of functions, such as blowers, press machines, and drawing machines. It is ideal for general use in ordinary industries, pump, plastic extruding, and driving equipment. It is also applicable in mining, metallurgy, printing, and paper-making industries.

At Shaoxing Pengxin, we are proud to offer the HV Motor YR5602-6 as part of our product line. We are confident in the superior quality and performance of our products, which is why we back them with a 3-month to 1-year warranty. Our motors are certified by the CCC and come with packaging details for export wooden packages in individual plywood boxes, customizable to your request. Don’t wait any longer, explore the benefits of our HV Motor YR5602-6 and experience the difference in performance and efficiency. Act now and make your purchase today!


Q1: What is the warranty period for the HV Motor YR5602-6?
A1: The warranty period for the HV Motor YR5602-6 is from 3 months to 1 year.

Q2: What industries can the HV Motor YR5602-6 be used in?
A2: The HV Motor YR5602-6 is suitable for use in ordinary industries, pump, plastic extruding and driving equipment. It can also be used in mining, metallurgy, printing, and paper-making industries.

Q3: What are the packaging details for the HV Motor YR5602-6?
A3: The HV Motor YR5602-6 is packaged in an export wooden package in an individual plywood box. Customizations to the packaging are available upon request.