Z4-200-11 37KW 50HP 440V 750~1600RPM brush brushed dc electric motor 37 kw 50 hp 440 v volt 750 ~ 1600 rpm



The Z4-200-11 is a high-powered, brushed DC electric motor with a power rating of 37KW and 50HP. It operates at a voltage of 440V and delivers a speed range of 750 to 1600 RPM. This motor comes with a warranty period of 3 months to 1 year and is specifically designed for use in industrial machinery and equipment. The torque is customizable based on user requests and it features a brush commutation. The motor is protected by a drip-proof feature and has a speed range of 750-1900 RPM. It operates at a continuous current range of 12.2-42.5A and offers an impressive efficiency of 82.9%.

The Z4-200-11 motor is certified by CE and has a motor center height of H200(mm). It can operate at rated voltages of 400V, 440V, 550V, or 660V and has a field voltage of 180V, 220V, or 310V. It has a protection degree of IP21S and utilises an IC06, IC17, IC37, or ICW37A86 cooling method. The insulation class is F/H Class and the motor can be mounted in an IMB3, IMB35, or IMV1 fashion. The motor’s primary function is to drive and provide prime power for different types of equipment.

We strongly encourage you to explore the superior performance and versatility of the Z4-200-11 37KW 50HP 440V brushed DC electric motor. This motor is a product of Shaoxing Pengxin, a leading manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Shaoxing Pengxin has a proven track record in producing reliable and efficient motors for a diverse range of industrial applications. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your operations with this high-performing motor. Take action now and make a purchase!


Q1: What is the warranty period of the Z4-200-11 motor?
A1: The Z4-200-11 motor comes with a warranty period of 3 months to 1 year.

Q2: What are the application areas of the Z4-200-11 motor?
A2: The Z4-200-11 motor is designed for use in a variety of industrial machinery and equipment.

Q3: What is the cooling method of the Z4-200-11 motor?
A3: The Z4-200-11 motor utilises an IC06, IC17, IC37, or ICW37A86 cooling method.