Z4-250-42 160KW 220HP 440V 1000~2000RPM brush brushed dc electric motor 160 kw 220 hp 440 v volt 1000 ~ 2000 rpm



The Z4-250-42 160KW 220HP 440V electric motor is a robust and reliable choice for use in a range of applications, including industry, rolling mill machines, and plastic extruding. With a speed range of 750-1900RPM, it provides optimal performance and efficiency.

This motor stands out because of its unique features and specifications. It comes with a warranty of 3 months to 1-year and provides prime power for various types of equipment. The continuous current ranges from 12.2-42.5A and it boasts an efficiency rate of 89.2%. The motor is drip-proof and offers a rated voltage of 400V/440V/550V/660V. The field voltage is 180V / 220V / 310V, and the motor has an insulation class of F/H. The mounting type is IMB3 / IMB35 / IMV1. In terms of cooling, it uses IC06, IC17, IC37, and ICW37A86 methods. The motor is certified by CCC and is packaged in an export wooden package in an individual plywood box, or it can be customized as per your request.

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1. What is the warranty on the Z4-250-42 160KW 220HP 440V electric motor?
The warranty on this motor ranges from 3 months to 1 year.

2. What are some of the applications of the Z4-250-42 160KW 220HP 440V electric motor?
This motor can be used in ordinary industries, rolling mill machines, plastic extruding, and driving equipment. It is also suitable for use in mining, metallurgy, printing, and paper making.

3. Does the Z4-250-42 160KW 220HP 440V electric motor come with a CCC certification?
Yes, this motor comes with a CCC certification.