Farm Disc Plough/Hydraulic Reversible Plough/Furrow Disc Plough


A step up in agricultural technology, our Farm Disc Plough/Hydraulic Reversible Plough/Furrow Disc Plough is a machine designed for high productivity. It is a hardy farm , powered by a tractor and built for ploughing hard land. The brand new 2020 product model, 1LY(SX)-425, has a working width of 1000mm and a working depth of 25cm, with a weight of 750 KG. It utilises 4 plough disc blades each with a diameter of 660mm and a thickness of 6mm. Matched power for the machine is 100-120hp, and the machine is pointed mounted with a tractor for linkage.

This product is well-known for its high productivity and efficiency. The plough disc blades, made of 65Mn Spring steel or Boron Steel, guarantee durability and optimum ploughing. Its hydraulic system allows for easy changes in the direction, making it suitable for large farm operations. Furthermore, the machine boasts of a 1-year warranty. The product also comes with a machinery test report and a video outgoing-inspection for assurance of quality. One of the key factors to consider when selecting this kind of machinery is the type of soil and the size of the farm. Proper maintenance includes regular cleaning and lubrication of the machinery, as well as timely replacement of worn-out parts.

Shaoxing Pengxin Machinery Co., Ltd, renowned for its advanced forging, casting, machining, and heat treatment production lines, is the proud manufacturer of this state-of-the-art farm disc plough. We invite you to explore this highly efficient product that will revolutionize your farming experience. With this machine, you will undoubtedly increase your productivity and reduce your workload. So why wait? Invest in our Farm Disc Plough/Hydraulic Reversible Plough/Furrow Disc Plough today and experience farming like never before!


Q: What is the warranty period for this product?
A: The product comes with a 1-year warranty, covering the core components.

Q: What is the weight of the machine?
A: The machine weighs 750 KG.

Q: What materials are the plough disc blades made of?
A: The plough disc blades are made of either 65Mn Spring steel or Boron Steel.