Farm disc plow dry field disc plough for walking tractor 220


The Farm Disc Plow for walking tractor 220 is a high productivity machine designed for ploughing the soil. Powered by diesel, this farm is a new model with a 12-month warranty. Weighing 75 KG and with dimensions of 1200mmx700mmx800mm, it is perfect for farms. With working depth and width of 200mm and 400mm respectively, it caters to diverse farming needs. This walking disc plough, model 1LS-220Y, is suitable for 8-15hp power. Its primary function is ploughing farmland, and it comes with a TEPee-point suspension. The color is customizable, and it is packed in an iron case for delivery. The product is shipped from Qingdao, China.

The Farm Disc Plow for walking tractor 220 stands out in the market due to its high productivity and durable core components. It is specifically designed to cultivate farms effectively and efficiently. This machine has a working width of 900/1200/1500mm and a working depth of 300mm, which allows it to cover a good amount of ground in minimal time. It has a 3-point mounted linkage and a diameter of 660mm. It is vital to perform regular maintenance on the machine to ensure its longevity and efficiency. The core components, including the bearing, come with a 6-month warranty. Always ensure to use genuine spare parts for replacement to maintain the machine's optimum performance.

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  1. What is the warranty period for the Farm Disc Plow for walking tractor 220?
    The machine comes with a 12-month warranty, and the core components have a 6-month warranty.
  2. What is the power requirement for this machine?
    The machine is suitable for 8-15hp power.
  3. Where is the product shipped from?
    The product is shipped from Qingdao, China.