Simple installation Non Standard Reducer Gearbox For Textile Equipment And Chemical Industry


Simple Installation Non Standard Reducer Gearbox for Textile Equipment and Chemical Industry

is a customized gear transmission device designed and manufactured according to specific application requirements. They can have different sizes, gear configurations, transmission ratios, and torque capacities to meet various engineering and mechanical applications.

Product Advantages and Features

Customized Design

Non Standard is designed to meet specific application requirements, which can fulfill unique engineering and mechanical demands.

Unique Size and Configuration

The size and configuration of Non Standard Gearbox can be optimized according to the application's requirements to achieve better adaptability and performance.

High Torque Capacity

These gearboxes are usually able to withstand high torque and loads, suitable for applications that require high power transmission.

High Precision and Reliability

Non Standard Gearbox usually adopts precision manufacturing and assembly to ensure high accuracy and reliable operation.

Multiple Transmission Ratio Options

According to the application's requirements, Non Standard Gearbox can provide different transmission ratios to meet specific speed and torque requirements.


  • Industrial manufacturing and automation: Non Standard Gearbox is commonly used in various industrial machinery and equipment, such as machine tools, mixers, conveyors, compressors, pumps, etc. They are used to achieve high torque transmission and precise motion control to meet complex manufacturing and automation needs.
  • Food and beverage processing: In the food and beverage production process, Non Standard Gearbox can be used in equipment such as mixers, blenders, conveyors to ensure efficient production and processing.
  • Packaging industry: Non Standard Gearbox plays an important role in packaging machinery. They are used to control conveyors, rotating mechanisms, sealing devices, etc., to ensure accurate and efficient packaging of products.
  • Power transmission and generation: Non Standard Gearbox is widely used in the field of power transmission and generation. They are used in equipment such as wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and generators to achieve efficient energy conversion and transmission.
  • Metallurgy and mining: Non Standard Gearbox is used in the metallurgy and mining fields to drive crushers, mills, mixing equipment, etc. They can withstand the working requirements under high loads and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Port and logistics: In the fields of ports and logistics, Non Standard Gearbox can be used in equipment such as cranes, conveyors, stackers to achieve efficient handling and transportation of goods.
  • Automotive industry: Non Standard Gearbox is widely used in automotive production and testing equipment. They are used to drive transmission systems, test benches, and mechanical assembly lines.
  • Medical equipment: Non Standard Gearbox has important applications in medical equipment, such as surgical robots, CT scanners, radiation therapy equipment, etc.
  • Oil and gas industry: In the process of oil and gas extraction and processing, Non Standard Gearbox is used in equipment such as pumps, compressors, and centrifuges to drive them.
  • Special projects and customized machinery: Due to the customized design characteristics of Non Standard Gearbox, they are widely used in various special projects and customized machinery projects to meet specific technical and functional requirements.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation: When installing Non Standard Gearbox, it is necessary to follow the installation guide provided by the manufacturer. Ensure correct alignment between the gearbox and the related equipment and use appropriate fasteners for fixation.

Lubrication: Regularly check and replace the lubricating oil to ensure that the gears and bearings are adequately lubricated. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and lubrication cycle.

Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspect the wear of the gearbox, loose connections, and other potential problems. If any abnormalities are found, take timely repair measures, such as replacing worn parts.

Cleaning: Keep the gearbox and the surrounding environment clean to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and impurities.

Regular Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer's provided regular maintenance plan and recommendations, including cleaning, lubrication, and inspection.

Matching Motor

We also provide matching motors for Non Standard Gearboxes. The and gearbox work together to achieve efficient power transmission.

About Shaoxing Chaoli Machinery Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Chaoli Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou city and is a comprehensive transmission equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates reducer research and development, manufacturing, and sales. With more than 20 years of rich experience in the design, production, and sales of reducers, our customers are spread all over Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and have received unanimous praise from the market.

Shaoxing Chaoli has introduced advanced production and testing equipment at home and abroad, hired industry professional technical personnel for innovation and research and development. It adopts standardized production management to control every link of the reducer's production. Over the years, we have been providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-stability products.

We have also established a research and development center to further increase our research and innovation in the transmission field, dedicated to providing customers with transmission part solutions with more effectiveness and reliability.

Currently, Shaoxing Chaoli's main products include SJMRV series worm gear reducer, XRV special reducer for car washing machines, SJGV series gear reducer, SJRT series solar reducer, SJBD series harmonic reducer, as well as various non-standard reducers. These products are widely used in equipment industries, food industries, car washing industries, packaging industries, transmission industries, automation industries, solar energy industries, etc., and are deeply welcomed and trusted by customers.

Shaoxing Chaoli is a professional company that produces non-standard gearboxes. Our company has a complete range of products. As a precision mechanical transmission device, reducers have a wide range of applications in various fields of the national economy and national defense industry.

Shaoxing Chaoli has developed a series of products that can be widely used in many fields such as the food industry, packaging industry, automation industry, equipment industry, transmission industry, solar energy industry, car washing industry, etc. We will continue to increase our research and development and investment in products and enrich the product series of reducers.


1. Can Non Standard Gearbox be used in the automotive industry?

Yes, Non Standard Gearbox is widely used in the automotive industry, particularly in automotive production and testing equipment.

2. Are Non Standard Gearboxes customizable?

Yes, Non Standard Gearboxes are designed to meet specific application requirements, making them highly customizable.

3. What industries can Non Standard Gearboxes be used in?

Non Standard Gearboxes can be used in various industries, including industrial manufacturing and automation, food and beverage processing, packaging industry, power transmission and generation, metallurgy and mining, port and logistics, medical equipment, oil and gas industry, and customized machinery projects.

4. What is the importance of lubrication in Non Standard Gearboxes?

Lubrication is essential in Non Standard Gearboxes to provide adequate lubrication to the gears and bearings, which helps reduce wear, noise, and heat generation and prolongs the gearbox's lifespan.

5. What is the purpose of the matching motor in Non Standard Gearboxes?

The matching motor works with the gearbox to achieve efficient power transmission, ensuring that the gearbox and motor are compatible and work efficiently together.

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