Supply Disc Plow For Tractor


Yucheng Hongri presents the Disc Plow for Tractor, a high productivity farm powered by diesel. The machine is brand new with a 1-year warranty. Designed for plowing land, the machine weighs 180 KG and has dimensions of 1795*795*1150mm. The core components of the machine include the bearing and plough . Delivered with a machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection, this new 2020 product is suitable for use in farms. The disc plow model 1LYQ-320 features a working width of 600mm and working depth of 15-20cm. With three plow disc blades of 20” (510mm) diameter, the machine is capable of agricultural plowing on hard land. It requires a matched power of 25-50hp and comes with a tEPee pointed mounted with tractor.

The Disc Plow for Tractor is an embodiment of high productivity and easy operation. Its unique design enables it to easily penetrate and completely invert the soil, providing a fine cultivation that meets agricultural requirements. Weighing just 180 KG, it offers a small draft resistance which makes it easy to operate and adjust. The machine's bearing and plough disc blade are its core components, designed with precision to withstand rigorous farming activities. Its working width and depth are perfect for various soil types and conditions. Whether you are a small scale farmer or a large agricultural enterprise, this machine will significantly enhance your farming efficiency. It's also crucial to ensure periodic maintenance of the machine for optimal performance. Component replacements, when necessary, should be done with genuine parts only.

At Shaoxing Pengxin, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality farming equipment that meets and exceeds our clients' needs. The Disc Plow for Tractor is one of our many products designed with your farming needs in mind. We invite you to explore this machine, understand its unique features and how it can enhance your farming activities. We are confident that once you try this product, you will appreciate its value and efficiency. Take a step to revolutionize your farming activities by investing in the Disc Plow for Tractor. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with the best farming equipment in the market.


  1. What is the power requirement of the Disc Plow for Tractor?
    The Disc Plow for Tractor requires a matched power of 25-50hp.
  2. What are the core components of the machine?
    The core components of the machine are the bearing and plough disc blade.
  3. What is the warranty period for the Disc Plow for Tractor?
    The Disc Plow for Tractor comes with a 1-year warranty.